Our Vision

Petrichor Farm is about nourishing our community through accessible, affordable organic foods: a local response to a global issue. It is an agricultural enterprise that seeks to educate through our actions and be an example of sustainability, empathy and compassion. We strive to exceed organic standards by paying careful attention to the health of our soil, for it is the imperative foundation which nutrition and well-being rest upon. We bring fresh, local food to area restaurants, including a variety of microgreens, culinary herbs, diversified produce and naturally raised pork. We exist to provide a nutritious local alternative to our surrounding communities thus pushing forward the local food movement. We believe, wholeheartedly, that the failing health, both physical and mental, of our nation is an epidemic that can be cured educating people about their food sources and allowing them access to healthier choices. We exist with the hope of being part of the change necessary to feed our community and help it grow stronger and healthier. In addition to being a bastion for nourishing bodies, Petrichor Farm also wishes to nourish hearts. We see all people as having value, and strive to remind those who have forgotten what their value is. We welcome the underdogs, the forgotten, the down trodden to participate in the daily cycle of the farm in hopes that reconnecting with nature, as well as one another, will remind them of their worth.


As the sole proprietor of Petrichor Farm, Hillary Barrett-Reed has experience with organic farming, having been a co-manager of a successful market garden business that she has left due to relocating closer to family. Restaurant wholesale marketing, and meat and egg production are all included in her skill set. She also has well over a decade of experience in the medical field and has worked with children with special needs, adults with significant mental and physical limitations and has personal and professional experience with victims of domestic abuse.  She has chosen to creatively combine her passion for farming with her passion for helping those that feel hope is lost. She has experienced first hand the therapeutic effects had from working symbiotically with the Earth, and has witnessed the same effect it has had on others. From the non-verbal autistic child finding joy in watching a seed grow into a plant, to the woman who has been stripped of everything she’s defined herself by being reborn again with a new season. In this day and age, it has become far too common and easy to dismiss those that are struggling most. We, as a culture have become more connected to our possessions and status that we’ve forgotten how to care for ourselves and, perhaps more importantly, one another. A successful community is not made up of individuals working alone, but by those working together. It is the mission of Petrichor Farm to reestablish a connection between the Earth and those that have lost their place in it. Just like that wonderful renewing deep breath after the rain passes, we will strive to bring renewal to those we host, feed and the land that supports us.